It often happens exactly when an important document is to be printed out: the printer reports that the ink is empty, or it prints the paper incorrectly. But with a few tricks, the color is enough for more pages than the printer indicates.

Shake for longer use

If the warning light on the printer flashes, you should take a close look. Often the cartridges do not need to be replaced immediately. If you take the toner cartridge out of the printer and shake it carefully, you can tell whether it still contains ink. In most cases, the printer reports a refill requirement when the cartridge is still up to 26 percent full. When shaking, the remaining ink is evenly distributed in the sleeve again. This can improve the print quality and the cartridge can be used longer. To avoid damaging the printer, the cartridge should not be emptied to the last drop. However, it does not have to be a third of the residual ink. The shaking trick works equally well for ink printers and laser printers. With the latter, however, it only works if no chip or meter reading is integrated. Then it's over at a certain percentage.

If the printer cartridges are used up, the subsequent purchase can be quite expensive. They are often much cheaper online than in stores. Here it is worth looking for new cartridges from OKI, for example, on sites such as For many different printer models, there is the right replenishment. It is advisable to use the printer manufacturer's cartridges to avoid compatibility problems.

prevent drying out

The new cartridges should only be unpacked just before they are inserted. If they lie around without packaging for a long time, they dry out. The same can happen if the cartridges are in the printer and there is no printing for a long time. In this case, the push button can be cleaned first. This process can be started via the settings on the printer. If that does not help, the cartridge nozzle can be cleaned with a cloth and warm water. This softens the encrusted part of the print head. If that doesn't help either, there's still the water bath. To do this, pack the cartridge in a waterproof bag and place it in a bowl of warm water. After about five minutes, remove the cartridge again.

Empty or dried-up cartridges should not be disposed of with household waste. For example, you may have handed them in at the recycling center. In addition, many manufacturers offer a recycling program for printer cartridges. Materials such as plastic, nickel, copper and iron are used in the cartridges. These resources can be reused. That protects the environment.

Your printer cartridges are already open and installed in your printer, but you don't use it as often as you thought you would? No problem, then we have a helpful tip for you if you don't print a lot:

Even if you don't have to print anything at the moment, print 2-3 pages of text from time to time. This is an effective way of preventing the print head from drying up or clogging the nozzles.

The fact that you have to clean the print head due to the long period of non-use of your printer is now a thing of the past.

How long can printer cartridges be stored? (up)

The durability determines how long you can store your printer cartridges or toner.

You will certainly be pleased to know that you can safely store your printer cartridges for two years, regardless of whether they are original or compatible.

Alternative printer cartridges and alternative toners from Tonerlieferant24 have an even longer shelf life. Because we offer you a 3-year guarantee, so you can store our cartridges for 3 years.

As you will soon find out, expired printer cartridges do not necessarily have to be disposed of immediately. You can definitely continue to use them